Are you looking to kick-start a new career in IT? Gatewaylist Ltd offers traineeship which is completed in 4 easy steps:

Step 1 - Online Training:

Our mode of training is by completing a selection of professional, accredited and industry fast-demanding and recognized IT Professionals Course. The training is delivered via multimedia rich video tutorials, presentations, and quizzes on a live streaming portal, giving you the possibility to study from home. Our expert trainer/tutor will be assigned to you to help you throughout your training.

Step 2 - Practical Training:

You will gain practical experience by using our cutting edge Livelabs through our project-based training and hands-on structure. Acquiring hands-on experience with us is part of our focus and priority and is also very essential in today’s IT industry for both certification seekers and in keeping up to date with new technologies. Theoretical subjects or modules alone as a medium of training are not enough these days and have long been retired by us as companies often require hands-on practical experience to make sure you're always productive while working with them.

Step 3 - Official exams:

Should you want to proceed towards an International Certification, our business will advise you on the best route that would suit you, based on your interests, goals, and aspirations and guide you to pass any of these exams as long as you are dedicated and committed to success.

Step 4 -  Possibility for Placement:

Young IT Professionals earn an average starting salary of (£25-45k), while talented and experienced professionals go home with up to £85k - £120k in a year, depending on your career choice. 

Step 5 -  Takeaways:

1:1 Mentorships with Industry Practitioners Receive unparalleled coaching from Industry Experts Get Personalised Recommendations Get Comprehensive & Personalised Learning Path Be part of a Real-life and Hands-on Training Course Be Trained in Cyber Security, Data Science, Data Analytics, Mobile Development, IoT, and Machine Learning Courses.

Be equipped with Relevant Interview Tips & Support Learn Industry Relevant Skills. Gain Some Commercial Experience with us

There are also possibilities to assist with work placement after your training with us.  

Whether you are working full time, part-time, or unemployed, this package has the flexibility to be completed at a pace that suits you. Email us at: info@gatewaylists.com



At Gatewaylist IT Solutions,our Specialist Team has around 20 Years of Experience in various fields of IT Solutions and we are available to take you to that next step.