How Safe is your Business?

The security of our entire systems and Architecture is not only Software or Operating System-dependent but also relies heavily on the Hardware back-bone.  A Novel Hardware Architecture is an integral part of the security of our business. 

Some systems come with a pre-built Hardware Trojan without the knowledge of the targeted business or buyer. To understand properly, a hardware trojan is a malicious inclusion or modification to the existing design of an integrated circuit and whose possible effects range from leakage of sensitive information through the operating system to the total destruction of the integrated circuit itself.

Intruders or attackers would have the possibility to gain access to your business data through a compromised system-hardware. 

However, Novel Hardware Architectures can be used to help enforce the security that Operating Systems and Programs expect, including memory safety, type safety, information flow, and access control. But implementing these measures is part of the services we offer and training for those who would want to enroll in a Network Security Course with us. We have the technology and know-how to develop a new system that will provide a safe haven for your business. 

Two-factor authentication is one such example. At Gatewaylist, any core system that contains information or data that we care about does have a two-factor authentication mechanism. This is a very effective approach in the sense that it enables you to have the ownership of a token and a pin. That means, even if an attacker succeeds in finding out your credentials, he must still face the challenge of gaining access into your system as he still needs your physical token. 

There are also some milestone achievements in memory safety through the Modern Intel family chipset which contains a feature called MPX (Memory Protection Extension) that prevents buffer overflow attacks. This is an attack where the attacker launches a heavy data payload that overruns a buffer’s boundary and the hacker will have access to areas where he can execute his malicious code. It is important to note that Memory Safety Errors contribute to well over 50% of all Network vulnerability attacks.

Nevertheless, the critical question isn't whether safer systems can be designed and implemented, but whether key stakeholders or technology enthusiasts can be rewarded to adopt the architectures, technologies, and processes required to develop a secure computer. At Gatewaylist, We’ll have to make it worthwhile to undertake the effort of rewriting all your systems, applications or re-architecting the process flow.

However your problem or requirement may be, from the complicated mess in your system to a safer cyber world, will require our professionals to take a holistic look at your cybersecurity structure, technology or techniques that you adopt in order to serve you better. Newer technologies will require new policies. Business professionals get prepared for the future by examining the current, understanding the past, learning from others or past mistakes, and being able to measure and understand the strength of their architectures. In Addition, they should also be equipped with new tools and resources to help them develop and implement better and effective cybersecurity solutions.

In conclusion, the key enabler amongst these is having a well-thought and set of architectural principles and guidelines that will offer guarantees on cyber safety.

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